Felipe Freitas Fernandes da Silva
Senior Software Developer
Web Developer
28 years old
Hello, I'm a Software Engineer 😃 From an early age, I've been interested in tackling difficult challenges and the excitement of solving a real world problems. Coding was my first introduction to real-world problem-solving techniques, and it was love at first sight. I started with C when I was just 13, creating game hacks. At the age of 17, I landed my first job as an IT Analyst, where I developed a File Exchanges and Archiving Software. This was a pivotal moment in my career, and it marked my first official achievement as a Software Developer. As a full-stack developer, I'm excellent at problem-solving and building visually interesting web applications. I love the web, and building engaging apps that people enjoy using is what motivates me to keep coding. And with every challenge, comes an improvement.
Programming Languages
  • PHP 11 years
  • Javascript 11 years
  • Laravel 6 years
  • Python 2 years
Front End
  • Laravel Livewire 1 year
  • Vite 1 year
  • Sass 6 years
  • CSS3 Innate Knowledge
  • HTML5 Innate Knowledge
Development Resources
  • Linux 11 Years
  • Docker 4 Years
  • Git 11 Years
  • Mysql 11 Years
  • Oracle 3 Years
  • SQL Server 2 Years
  • Elasticsearch 2 Years